Cant Fight Love

I should have known it was doomed
the night I came home
and all thoughts of you were interrupted
with thoughts of someone else.

I knew it was precarious, then,
that the excitement of this new
was overshadowed with
lingering feelings of the old.

Nothing ever realized, actualized,
but still in the background
all my hopes were given new life,
and you were lost in the undertow.

I wouldn’t have given you up for the tide,
but you cut yourself loose.
And now I’m drifting,
pointing my compass,
following that star
away from here

I’m sorry

in reality,
you never stood a chance.

something to lose

I’m constantly afraid
I’ll bore you.

I’m afraid I’m a terrible conversationalist and that you’ll find me shallow and vapid. I’m afraid of saying all the wrong things and scaring you away.

It’s so sweet that
you were nervous.

I was too.

I like knowing  that, you too, feel
there is something
to lose.