Azorean sunset
Sunset in the Azores 2014

Long story short:
the sun will set,
there will be dark and
silence and separation.
But sunrise,
it will come again,
and time will be yours
to master.

I remember seeing a phrase in a catalog when I was younger, etched into a bracelet, and it has stuck with me since:

“Sunrise, sister. It all comes back to this.”

I don’t know if it’s from anything specifically, a movie, book, or TV show, but it resonates with me a lot.

I always wanted to have a physical reminder of it, but haven’t actually seen it anywhere since that catalog. I also wasn’t so sure I’d want it on a bracelet anyway (I rarely wear them – let my arms be FREE), or on a t-shirt (I can’t wear the same shirt every day), or anything at all really. But it occurs to me, that something that holds so much meaning for me – and has done for years – could make a really great tattoo.

Just a thought. I love tattoos and have always wanted one.

This might not be such a bad place to start.


Visual Survey of 2016

I saw this over on Gala Darling’s blog and fell in love with the idea! Back in my livejournal and deadjournal days I loved me a good survey. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a go at one and this seemed like a fun way to look back on the year and set some visual intentions for 2017!

Here goes nothing…

2016 summarized in one picture…

nataliamm3Sleep No More – by Mert & Marcus with Natalia Vodianova

My biggest inspiration in 2016 was…

gala_home_2Gala Darling, for sure!

How I feel about the remainder of this month…

never_alone_11_1200Never Alone by Leta Sobierajski

My 2017 vibe…

Color of Beats by Yanzhou Bao

How I feel about myself…

Self Portrait by Rocio Montoya

How I feel about my love life…

Image by Eric Rose

My career goals…

Image found here.

How I want to dress on a daily basis…

Eternally in love with Cindy van der Heyden’s style. Check her out at COTTDS.

When I’m feeling unsure, I’ll remember to channel this…

tumblr_mtt8eyhq001stddpqo1_500The Other by Tetsuharu Kubota with Shanina Shaik

I will spend more time with…

H&R by MizEnCen

How I’m going to roll into 2017…

Photo found here. Think this, but a dash more hygge. Maybe even ending with a bath!

How I’m going to feel at the end of 2017…

Chantal Claret by Nick Holmes

What did your 2016 look like? How do you want 2017 to look?

Til next time