Hi, I’m Sarah! I really enjoy writing, reading, singing out loud in the shower (especially to Amy Winehouse), laughing, drinking wine, traveling and eating. Boy, do I love eating! Farmer’s markets are my jam, I’ve never met a Pitbull song that doesn’t make me want to dance, and I curse a LOT. I probably watch more YouTube than I should. Sometimes I┬átake photographs and make videos.

I’m also human (surprise!), and I’m trying to remember that that’s okay. ‘Cause I’d much rather be a wizard. But I guess wizards are┬ástill human, so I’m halfway there!

I have a cat named Misty who was a former stray and essentially adopted me. Not in the cheesy way pet lovers always say, but more literally – she sneaked inside my house when I brought in groceries and never left. She also tries to give me baths because I am apparently not up to snuff on a cleanliness level. Sorry, mom.

If you ever see me on a guided tour or at a presentation, I’ll be the one nodding my head, slightly frowning and “mmm”-ing and “ahh”-ing at everything being said. Please invite me to these things. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. You’re welcome in advance.

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