Selfish people


Saw this on Instagram this morning, and I swear, sometimes it’s as if Rupi Kaur has tapped into my world and knows exactly what I need. This was one of those days.

“i will tell you about selfish people. even when they know they will hurt you they walk into your life to taste you because you are the type of being they don’t want to miss out on. you are too much shine not to be felt.”

This also makes me think of pedestals and those who will try to put you on them. The only thing that can happen is to fall.

“when they realize how real this is. how much of a storm you are and it hits them. that is when the cowardice sets in. that is when the person you thought they were is replaced by the sad reality of what they are.”

I have been selfish. I think we all are sometimes. But I do not believe I have ever done this to another person. It’s not worth gambling an entire being.

“isn’t it sad and funny how people have more guts these days to undress you with their fingers than they do to pick up the phone and call.”

Who are these people that can be so bold and yet so spineless at the same time?

I have known people like this, but never seen such an apt and lyrical description.

I have so much love and adoration for Rupi Kaur and her way with words. And yet – still! – I don’t have Milk and Honey. Soon! Soon. I’ve heard such beautiful things about it; I’m really looking forward to it.

Til next time.


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