Jamming like a Killjoy

Shhh! Stop. You had me at, “We’re Killjoys.”

The one were D’av is about to get shot in the hip?

For those of you not currently on a SciFi kick (or bender, which is probably a little more honest), Killjoys is a television series about a group of bounty hunters in – you guessed it – outerspace. The Quad planetary system, to be more exact. Working for an organization called the RAC (Reclamation Apprehension Coalition), agents work outside of planetary politics, impartially collecting and fulfilling their warrants. RAC agents are to remain neutral during conflicts; their only allegiance is to the warrant. “the warrant is all” being their house word– I mean neato code and motto.

But, as things are wont to do, shit gets interesting. Well, more interesting.

There is so very much I love about the show. Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch is phenomenal! (Side note: I totally missed her cameo in Game of Thrones! Probably because I hadn’t even heard of Killjoys yet, but still.) She could kick your ass but she also has a softer side, a dark past, and a lot of shit to work through. And how could you not love Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane), the brothers Jaqobis? They’ll give each other shit, but are there for each other, no questions asked.

And Lucy! Oh, Lucy! Quite possibly my favorite disembodied ship-voice ever. The personality on that one is out of this world (literally). She’s got moxie, kid. The plot itself is all twisty and turny (a very technical term) in all the best ways and somehow manages to hold my easily diverted attention. I don’t get distracted by my phone which is usually the case when watching television, and I am fully invested in all of these characters and their stories. The worst thing about the show is that season two is over and we have to wait until next year (2017) for more. I mean the nerve of these people!

But, weirdly, despite there being so much to love and appreciate, none of that is what I’m here to talk about.

It’s the goddamn glorious soundtrack!

You’ve gotta understand, I don’t get out much. And even with the internet at my fingertips it’s rare I discover new music. I’m kind of lazy and don’t even know where to begin to start looking. Sure, Pandora will play randos, but usually, when I want to listen to a certain artist, that’s all I want. New and unheard-ofs get me frustrated…which is why I don’t generally use Pandora. Also ads, blech!

My discovery of the treasure chest that is the Killjoys soundtrack began when I googled season ones’s theme song (in case you’re wondering, it’s called the “Westerly Theme”). From there I stumbled upon a little site called TuneFind and found precious gems galore!

So, uh, while we’re all tortuously waiting for season three, here’s some of my favorite music featured on the show to tide you over!

1. Hanni El Khatib – Nobody Move

Featured in the 4 minute Killjoys teaser above, I loved this song straightaway. It’s got a punk vibe that hits me just right.

2. The Trigger Code – The Fugitive Kind

This speaks to me, man. It rocks, it rolls, it gets in your soul! Or…something like that.

3. Arum Rae – Waving Wild

One of two Arum Rae songs on this list, I fell hard for her fantastic vocals and lyrical prowess. “I have this hangover/that I can’t shake/my lips are tired and bruised/my heart an earthquake/and I feel so high” Who hasn’t felt that way, yeah? This song plays in my head near constantly.

4. Neulore – Native Skin

I dig it. I really do. The only negative side-effect is that I can’t get the Ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-oos out of my head. I am very very serious about this. Send help.

4. Soldout – A Drop of Water

This song is the right kind of ominous and badass. “If only you would care…” Amen. A-fucking-men, y’all.

6. Sucre – Young and Free

How I generally feel on any given day. Let me be. Don’t tell me what I need. Too many voices, too many pressures. It can feel kind of crippling at times, and other times you rise up in defiance. This song is that, and I love it.

7. Arum Rae – I’m Smoke

Here it is! Number two of two! Same great voice, new intoxicating song.

8. Matthew Mayfield – Mess of a Man

Rocky, bluesy, and damn do I love that voice!

9. We Are Wolves – T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

Quite the fun one to rock out to in your car…and sort of maybe kind of pretending you’re drag racing down the highway, I don’t know, use your imagination.

10. Fink – Yesterday Was Hard On All of Us

What a sad, soulful tune. Where do we go? I gotta say, I don’t know. At least not until season three premieres…

Alright. I think that does it! Go check out TuneFinder if you want to listen to some of the other amazing artists that have already featured in season one and two. I haven’t even made it through all of them yet, but oh, do I intend to!

Thanks for sticking around! Hope you heard something you like! Are you familiar with any of these musicians and bands? Do you watch Killjoys or have you just now in this very moment been inspired to give Killjoys a watch?? Let me know!

Until next time (with or without a warrant),


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